If Dynamic Demand Modelling is enabled in the Views tab for your login group, the Capacity screen is enhanced to support more flexible demand management and capacity planning, allowing project demand to be rapidly remodelled and aligned to capacity.


      Check the Show Latest Forecast filter to use the demand data from the most recently edited forecast status; be it Live or currently Unapproved.  Note that latest “Former Lives” are not included.

      Click the Demand breakdown screen to view and remodel forecast demand as well as having visibility of capacity to help better understand which project(s) may or may not be feasible and whether any resourcing bottlenecks exist.



All displayed data is based on the configured filters. The breakdown shows demand by period, per project, including the forecast the demand relates to.  Total demand and total capacity can be easily compared using the variance row, which is highlighted in red when negative.


In the demand breakdown view, you can click:

      Project name to view and check detailed information

      Forecast name to view or edit the forecast

o  an unapproved forecast is opened in edit mode

o  a live forecast will be cloned for editing

      Total Capacity to view a detailed breakdown of capacity by resource.  Click again to collapse this view

 to add a forecast for additional projects

 to access context specific forecast options (such as open, approve, clone) aligned to your permissions

 to export to Excel for further analysis – if Total Capacity is expanded this will also include individual resource capacity, lined up with demand for each period.