The screen lists expenses for all dates, resources, projects and types. Change the filter settings (described in the Using the Product Guide) to alter the content.

For multi-currency operations, cost and charge totals are shown in the local currency, providing that the same currency applies to all entries. When there is a mixture of currencies, ‘N/A’ appears instead.

For each listed entry, click:


o  Open to access the expense entry. You cannot change any data if the expenses are approved.

o  Delete to clear the entry.

  to select a record for processing.

      Resource or Project name to view relevant records.

Also click:

      Add to create an expense entry.

      Claim to create a claim for specific expenses. These may be:

o  Claim Selected after selecting one or more entries, to include all those entries

o  Claim All Pages to include all entries on every page resulting from the current filter

      Approve, Unapprove, Disapprove to change the status of selected entries — the Approved column shows Yes, space or No respectively. In each case, enter a reference (defaults to your login) and, when disapproving, the reason for doing this.

      Export creates an Excel file for the displayed expenses.