The operator and value configuration is the same as for a widget but there are additional configuration options for reports which are described below.



Filter Operation


Choose between: Required Filter, Optional Filter (Active by default) and Optional Filter (Inactive by default).

These options affect how the filter is displayed on the filter parameter screen when the report is run. Required filter means that this filter must be included when the report is run and therefore the user cannot remove it. Optional Filter (Active by default) means that by default the filter will be used but the user can remove it, if they wish, before running the report. Optional Filter (Active by default) means that by default this filter is not used but is still shown on the filter screen so that the user can include it before running the report.

In the example below the Project Active filter is set to Required Filter, Chargeable is set to Optional Filter (Active by default) and Productive is set to Optional Filter (Inactive by default).


Filter Parameter Screen



Value Required

A value for the filter must be provided before running the report.



The filter will not be displayed on the filter screen at runtime. This can be used to hide a filter which is always required and therefore does not need any action from the user at runtime.


Available to save

If a user creates a Report Filter when running the report, this field will be included in the filter definition.


Context Operation

If this option is ticked, the filter will be included when the report is run in context, i.e. from a dashboard. An example of context is shown below where a report can be run from the Projects screen. When reports are run in context the user does not have the option to configure the filters at runtime, the report is run as configured and uses filters where Include filter when running in context is set.






Filter Name Override

Override the default name displayed on the runtime filter screen, to use a more descriptive name as required.


Preview Value

The report may be configured in such a way that it will not return any data when in the report editor. E.g. it may contain an empty field which it expects a user to complete before running the report. By specifying a preview value, it allows the report to be previewed with data in the report writer itself.