Data is input to a series of rows, and to columns within each row. For budget data, the number of rows is fixed while for demand and expenditure you can create any number of rows to enter required data. Identification of the data is therefore entered to each demand and expenditure row and column information is shown for other rows.

  applies to demand and expenditure input, to enter comments against the row.

  indicates that comment is available against a demand or expenditure row; click to view it.

  only applies for demand and if skills are enabled through General Settings. Click to select the skills required for the demand line, which will be shown when searching for resources to fulfill demand. Any selected skills will be displayed when you place your mouse cursor over the icon.

      ETC (estimate to complete) is the total effort and cost planned from the first open period until the end of the project.

      EAC (estimate at complete) is the total effort and cost covering known actuals and future planned values.

      << is the total input value for prior periods

      Input periods are the selected weeks, months or years where you can enter or change entries to record days or values. These figures can also be updated using the Edit Tool (not for budgets) and the Adjust Tool.

      Sub-Total shows the total of all input periods.

      >> is the total for future periods.

When you save your input, all sub-totals and totals are updated.