Each row is identified by an assigned number and date headings are shown green for confirmed demand or grey if provisional. Click to select the Department and Role represented by the demand. If Restrict Role by Department is set through Strategic Planning settings, only roles that are assigned to active resources in the selected department will be available for selection. If you select a role before specifying the department, only departments for resources who work as the selected role will be available for selection.

If required, and providing that demand of resources is enabled through Strategic Planning settings, select a specific Resource to satisfy the demand rather than simply a Role. In this case, the forecast planning rate for the resource is used.

If the resource’s department and role are different to those set for the demand line, you can choose to set the demand line to be the same as the resource.

You can save a forecast that has inactive departments and roles in locked months. Consequently, existing data in those months will not have to be remodelled if a new role structure is introduced.

Enter days or FTEs against each period or use the Edit Tool or the Adjust Tool to manipulate this data. The total cost is obtained by multiplying the number of days by the cost rate set for the relevant roles plus any departmental uplift that is set through Department maintenance..

Click against any demand line to view posts against it. If this feature is available, the comments functionality is not.