Certain of these default settings apply only for specific parts of the application while others are used throughout the product.



Enable Skills

Can be unchecked, providing none already exist, to prevent them being shown if not relevant. This may generally apply for smaller implementations.

Enable Productive Capacity

is checked if you want to specify a productive capacity percentage against resources to indicate how much of their capacity is for productive work. This appears on the Resource Plan.



First Day of the Week

applies to Time and Expenses and to Planning and Resourcing. Select the start day for the working week providing no timesheet submissions exist.

Financial Year Start

indicates the first month of the financial year. This is necessary if annual forecasting is required, based on the financial year.

Enable Advanced Filtering when Creating Locks

determines how batches of timesheets and expenses can be included when creating locks.



Enable Portfolio Analysis

determines if this module appears on the menu so you can evaluate projects against your strategic objectives.

Enable Portfolio Kanban

is available if project workflows are activated. If so, check the box to see a kanban board for a selected workflow, which will allow project ‘cards’ to be moved between statuses. Users can only access this board if enabled through their Login Profile.

If portfolio analysis is also enabled, the Portfolio Kanban will be accessed as a sub-item within Portfolio Analysis. Otherwise, it is available as a separate menu item.

Enable Project Move 

is checked to allow users (with administrative permissions) to adjust the start date of a future project that has not started, along with associated forecast, deliverable and supply data. This feature is accessed via the  Project Search screen.

Enable Project Snapshots




Enable Product Portfolio Management


to allow the creation of snapshots of all project data at a specific point in time to support portfolio comparisons over time. If enabled, choose the level at which the snapshot is taken.


Product Portfolio Management is a system-level opt-in feature to allow two entity types to be defined and managed alongside each other, typically ‘Projects’ and ‘Products’. The feature is only available in workflow enabled environments.
This is a one-way switch and cannot be reverted through the UI.




Permission Mode

determines if CRM actions are to be based on Resource and Project or Resource and Action Type. When adding CRM actions, they will be assigned to whatever is specified here in accordance with login permissions.

Enable Interested Projects/Interested Resources

allows projects a resource is interested in to be specified either through projects or resources within the Administration module. If so, notifications can be sent for specified events on those projects.

Risks & Issues


Enable Mitigation/ Resolution Plan Items

can be unchecked to prevent any Risk or Issue actions appearing in the system. These cannot be disabled if any exist already.



Enable QuickBooks Integration

is checked if financial data is to be automatically transferred between the systems. Those running the integration must be set as users on their Login record.


Enable IFrame Widgetis checked to enable IFrame widget functionality on the Dashboard providing relevant permissions in place.