Here you can create cost, revenue and demand forecasts directly from the task plan and can then edit the forecast details.

If a live forecast exists, the new forecast will be based on it and the open period values for the task assignments are replaced, otherwise a new forecast is created.

The currently selected project and the plan version on which the forecast is to be based are shown. Enter or select:

      Default Demand Status is applicable if Demand Status is enabled through Strategic Planning settings and can be either Provisional or Confirmed. In the latter case, specify a date up to which the demand is confirmed or choose to use the project end date, if there is one.

      Assignment Type determines how the forecast demand lines are to be created. This can be from:

o  Role based assignments only — based on role assignments

o  Role & Resource based assignments (as Roles) — as roles from both role and resource assignments

o  Role & Resource based assignments (as Roles & Resources) — using roles from role assignments and resources from resource assignments.

      Periods to create a forecast from all open periods or from a range of open periods that you specify. If you additionally wart to include values from closed periods, use the Copy function from the Forecast tab and choose to copy data from assignments.

On completion, click Generate Forecast and details of the new forecast are displayed so you can change them and add further roles and resources (refer to Adding and Editing Forecasts). You are returned to the Task Plan after approving and saving the new forecast.

After approval, future behaviour will depend on the user’s permissions, whether they can create supply for named resources or if based on roles. Supply can be automatic (if set through the Strategic Planning Views tab) or may be manually allocated to demand through the Requests screen or the Resource Plan.