When importing data for projects after project workflows are enabled, first choose the Excel format file you have created as a template file and to which the required data has been loaded.

The E-Mail address defaults to that of your own resource and is used to notify that the load has taken place; it can be changed if necessary.

Under Configuration, choose:

    Insert as New to only create data. Any record on the spreadsheet file will only be imported if there is no current record with the same key

    Update Existing to update current records only. This will ignore any spreadsheet records that have no corresponding entry on the product.

Choose a template (another project record) to provide default values when none exist on the import file and, against each listed field, indicate where those default values are to be used.

Click Import to load the spreadsheet file and update the existing data. Processing takes place in the background so large loads cause minimal interruption. You will be notified when the process completes.

A confirmation email will also be sent to the supplied address. You can view results at My Dataloads.