Here you will determine the control and contact details for the invoice:

Invoice Number

is automatically generated by the system.

Invoice Date

defaults to today but you can enter or select a different date to be output for the invoice.


is set to Invoice and cannot be changed.

Invoice Type

only applies if enabled through Billing Settings and your Login Profile. If so, you can select the type of invoice for this billing.


is set to Draft when first created and you can update the document while it has this status. Once you authorise the invoice or credit note, it is no longer available for update.


You can deauthorize the invoice to allow further update if this is permitted through your Login Profile. You must enter a reason for doing this and, once saved, details of the change appear on an Audit tab.


identifies the project being invoiced. This must have an open billing contract set, otherwise a warning will appear and you will be unable to select content. Once you identify the project, details are displayed, including contract lines.


provides relevant information.

Project Manager
Telephone Number
Contract Key/ Reference/
VAT Rate

are set for the project and cannot be changed here. Click the email address to send a message.