Check the Show boxes to indicate the views that are available to this login group. Additionally, for:


    check Enable Insights View to see the project insight filter, covering specific projects that are active, at the Project Navigator

    check Include Template Projects in Project Navigator to include templates as well as actual projects when using the Project Navigator or leave unchecked to show projects only

    check Show Documents to see the Project Documents tab that lists documents entered against a level 1 project in the hierarchy

    check Show Documents above level 1 if the Project Documents tab is to appear for projects above level 1 project in the hierarchy

    choose the Documents Action View to identify the groups of action types that are used to add documents

    select from Project Navigator Permissions to determine the login permissions used for projects when using the Project Navigator. These specify the sub-tab settings to use to identify the projects that appear at the Project Navigator:

o  Strategic Planning View — Strategic Planning

o  Risk View — Risks and Issues

o  Setup View — Administration

o  Task View — Planning.

    indicate the Project Navigator RAG that identifies the custom fields (project fields with a key word type) that are to be input during processing. The RAG Status color will appear with the listed project on the Project Navigator.

    choose the Finance Effort Data Source as either being based on Demand (effort is calculated from forecast demand only) or on Supply and Remaining Demand (supply allocated plus any remaining demand).


    Resourcing Mode only appears if Combined Resourcing has not been enabled through Planning Settings. If not, choose the mode as:

o  Strategic Planning so that the Resource Plan, Capacity and Requests screens show demand and allocations from Forecast demand and Project Supply. If a project has Assignments Affect Strategic Planning Availability set, task assignments also appear

o  Scheduling where the Requests screen is not available and the Resource Plan and Capacity screens show demand and allocations from Forecast demand and Project Supply.

    Dynamic Demand Modelling can be enabled if your resourcing mode is set to Strategic Planning (or Combined Resourcing is enabled), which enables access to the latest forecast data for rapid remodelling of demand.

o  check Override system logo and choose the file that has a required logo to use instead.