This screen provides a list of views that are available from the Setup menu. Most of these cover the business entities that provide the system’s data structure, while others cover data required for the operation of the product. Currency and exchange rate selections only apply for multi-currency operations.

All this data is created when the system is first installed and then is only changed as necessary to keep the system up-to-date. It is important that the integrity of this data is maintained, since successful operation of the system depends on it. Consequently, access to these routines must not be made generally available and should be restricted to those users who have System Administrator or similar status.

All options default to unchecked for new login profiles, preventing users being able to access any of the views. Set check boxes on for any data types where users are to be allowed to add, amend and view records.

If, through Security Group Settings, you have allowed the ability to add projects or resources that are available for specific Security Groups only, you must remove global access here by unchecking Project or Resource. You must also choose, at the Login Permissions tab, the Security Groups where this is allowed.

The ability to create Invoice Types is only available if enabled through Billing Settings. If set here, you must log out and then back in again to use the feature.

When access permissions are granted here, these permissions always apply, whatever the user’s login permissions.