For individual projects, you may identify risks that, if they occur, will prevent the projects progressing as they should. You can then attach a mitigation plan to each risk, which may be taken to prevent the problem or to alleviate its effects if it arises.

Each action may be of a particular type and you can specify the types here. For example, you may have a mitigation  type that is intended to lessen the risk or a contingency  type that identifies actions to be taken after the problem occurs.

Selecting Mitigation Plan Item Types from the Business Entities section of Administration will display a search screen so that you can locate required ones (refer to Searching and Filters .


Click Add to create a record. For any listed type, you can click   then:


to alter displayed details.


to access the record in order to amend it.


to create a record from a selected one. You must then enter a code and can change other details as necessary.

Code Converter

to change the code of the plan item if it is incorrect. All affected records will be updated.


to delete the record, after confirmation. You can only do this if you have appropriate permissions and the record is not in use.

When adding and editing a type, input is to two tabbed forms.