These defaults are set through the “My Defaults” view and determine how you prefer to work. They are set initially by the System Administrator, but you can change them for the resource attached to your login. This changes the settings centrally.

The following data is available within this view:

Default Project/ Activity/ Role/ Expense Type/

The items you choose here are displayed initially when entering timesheet or expense , as appropriate. The aim is simply to save time in not having to select something that may normally apply (for example, if you usually work on a particular project). The ‘Currency’ selection only applies for multi-currency operations.

These settings do not restrict input in any way. You can still choose an alternative that you have permission to access.


The address of your private calendar is shown. This is set for individual logins.

Keep Me Logged In

is only available if switched on through Log On Settings. If so, check the box to avoid having to log in each time you access the system. Login details are still needed initially, after logging out and when processing Login and Login Profile searches.