You can pay accepted claims if you have login permissions set for selected or all resources. If so, choose an accepted claim and then select either Pay or Refuse, or choose Undo Payment or Undo Refused to reverse a previous action here. A ‘Payment’ form appears:


You can enter or select:

Payment Status

this may be:



if the claimant is to be reimbursed. This sets the ‘Payment’ status to Paid.


Payment Refused

if payment is not to be made. The ‘Payment’ status is changed to Refused. In this case, the expenses are detached from the claim and can be reprocessed.



if a claim that was marked as paid is not to be. The ‘Payment’ status is then cleared.

Payment Amount

is required if the payment is being paid and defaults to the claim amount. You can change this to a:

      lower amount for a part-payment

      higher amount if, for example, the claimant is being given an advance against future expenses.


to enter free-format text about the payment.

After processing the payment, the Payment action when viewing the claim now shows its status: