Here you can select the best value mix of projects for your organization by evaluating new projects to determine how they meet your strategic objectives. You can also re-evaluate projects that are in progress and stop those that no longer conform to your strategy.

You can set up various portfolios that comprise a collection of projects. These are generally unapproved forecasts for those projects so that you can investigate various situations in order to choose the most suitable one and make it the live version.

Scenarios are displayed for a selected portfolio and actions are available:


  clears the currently displayed portfolio and   selects a particular one to display so that its scenarios are listed.

  enables changes to the portfolio

  to delete it

  creates a further portfolio

  creates an Excel format file

 , after selecting two or more scenarios from those listed, to compare the likely outcomes.

Each selected portfolio lists a number of scenarios and you can click:

  to choose the columns to display or to reset to default columns

  to select all or individual scenarios for comparison

   for a specified scenario, then:

o  View Scenarios to access it

o  Delete to remove the scenario if no longer needed

      Scenario name to access it.