After selecting a filter and possibly editing it you can, if necessary, change the settings of the first two filter entries for this search only. Key in required data or click the button, if available, to locate a record to select (via a select screen, as described earlier). Click the Search or Find button and any matching entries are listed.

If many entries result, they may appear over several pages. Change the number of records displayed or click  or   to see the next or previous page or on a page number to go directly to a selected one:

At the Select screen, you can additionally click a letter to list all entries starting with that letter. Also, if you know the code of the required record, enter it where indicated and click OK. This will return the record even if it is not included in the filter settings.

If the required record does not appear on the list, you may choose a different filter or change the settings. Then click Search or Find to try again.