If the Resourcing Mode is set to Strategic Planning for your Login Group, a Resources pane shows supply allocations for each listed resource and the breakdown of supply to projects:


Here you can:

      drag the assigned supply to a different period for a resource

      reallocate project supply between resources for the displayed periods by dragging the project name onto another resource

      for a Resource, click   to the right of the resource name and choose:

o  Create a New Assignment. This is restricted to projects that are set as ‘Assignments affect Strategic Availability’

o  Add Supply to supply a resource

o  Show Resource Details to see full details of the selected one.

      for project supply, click:

o  the project name to change the supply for a period:


o    to the right of the assignment name and choose:

— Open Supply to edit the project supply

— Move Supply to bring forward or delay supply by a number of weeks from a specified date, for all or selected resources

— Delete Supply to clear the entry.