Various reports may be made available. You can load available reports here, make some changes, create your own reports, determine who can use them and output them.

Selecting the Reports option processes a search to list available reports. Refer to Searching and Filters for information about this processing.

Selecting a filter of ‘Is Enhanced’ will list only reports produced from data and chart widgets, which can include complex data calculations and provide reports and charts that are more extensive and highlight specific areas of interest.




All reports have a report group, which may have any required name.

You can select:

      Add to define a report and make it available for selection or click the down-arrow against the Add button and choose to Add Chart Widget for a chart or Add Data Widget for a report.

      Upload Report Package File to load a report and its data view and add them to the list.

You can also scroll through this list and click   then:

Name or

to access the report record. Refer to Adding and Amending Reports for information about what you can do for standard reports or Adding and Amending Widgets for enhanced reports and charts.


to create a report based on the selected report so that you can then change it as required.


to clear the report, after confirmation.


to run the report


adds the reports as a favourite so that it is listed within the Report section of the Favourites list and can be selected directly.


if already selected as a favourite, to remove it from the list.


to download the report definition. You can choose to open the report with an associated application or to save it to a selected location in order to transfer it between systems.


to update a standard report or widget to an enhanced one to take advantage of the extended reporting facilities. The existing report widget will be retained until you delete it and you will need to enter a different name for the new widget to distinguish it.

The enhanced widget will have the same definitions as the original, which you can change. This means you can have a mixture of standard and enhanced reports and widgets in addition to system supplied ones.