Here you can define the number of levels that are available within a project structure. A maximum of ten levels is permitted but this should normally be restricted to no more than five to prevent the structure becoming difficult to manage. A typical structure is:


The overall structure  determines how data appears within the product:

•    forecast data is input at any level and is rolled up through the structure

•    tasks, assignments, supply, timesheets and expenses are input at the lowest level and are rolled up to higher levels.


Entity Types have been added to help you differentiate between Product and Project entities. These will only be seen if Product Portfolio Management (PPM) has been enabled.




The entity type names can be viewed and amended here where the default values are set to Project and Product respectively.



The levels are created from the bottom upwards with the lowest level  being number level 1. Click Add Top Level to create a higher number level at the top of the list or Remove Top Level to delete the highest numbered level. The Language that applies to the descriptions for each level is shown.

For each level, you can enter


to provide both singular and plural names for the level plus an abbreviated version to be used where space is limited.

Budget Summary Cost Rounding


indicates how cost is to be shown for allocated budgets. Enter 1 for whole pounds (or other currency) or a power of ten to determine the level of rounding that is required.