The project navigator is a means of finding and selecting projects quickly so you can work on them. This includes project templates, if specified through your Login Group) Click   at the title bar to list projects by tabs:


The tabs have different content:

  is a list of favorite projects that are accessed frequently. You can alter the content of this list as required to reflect changing circumstances by:

o  clicking   to remove the project from this list

o  choosing to add a project as a favorite when processing at Projects.

  lists projects in accordance with a selected filter:



o  the filter name to select a different filter or to add, edit or delete a filter.

o  Insights to view a summary of the projects listed by a filter (the number of these is shown).

An Insight is simply a project filter that lists active projects with defined characteristics. You can use the feature to group projects into a portfolio, viewing high level summaries and then drilling down into more detailed levels or producing required reports.

You can add one of these filters as a favorite. If so, it is included within the Insights section of the Favorites list.

  to list projects that you have accessed recently.

  displays a project hierarchy:


The hierarchy depends on the project currently selected and shows levels below it so you can drill down to lower levels. You can choose to include all child projects for the selected project or only those that are active or inactive. Clicking any level within the hierarchy provides details of that level.

Above each tab is a Project Search. Click it to see a list of projects to select one or enter text to the search box to list only matching projects.

The first three tabs have the same indicators and actions against each project:

  indicates the progress of the project (on time, late, etc.).

  to access the project’s home page.

  to see project tasks or a timeline.

  for forecasts.

  to view deliverables.

  to see more selections (risks and issues).