This tab only appears for level 1 projects. Lower level projects take their settings from this level.


You need only select this tab if you process Resourcing, to enter for the project additional information that is used there.


Available for Time and Expense tracking

is unchecked if the project is only to be processed through planning. Timesheets and expenses are not recorded for such projects.

The box may be unchecked at the planning stage to prevent any actuals being recorded by mistake. You can subsequently check it if the project is to be worked on and time and expenses are to be booked against it.



This entry is only available at the lowest project level. At other levels, it is unchecked automatically and cannot be changed, since no input of time and expenses is allowed at higher levels.


Schedule Appointments

is checked for direct scheduling where assignments can be made against a project without first creating a task. This may apply for assignments that are used to record holidays and similar time. A general task will be system-generated for this. Where checked, enter text to be used to describe the appointment.


Assignments Affect Strategic Planning Availability

is checked if any task-based assignments added for the project, where a resource is given work where there is no corresponding demand, are to be treated as supply within Strategic Planning. This causes the data to update the supply for the resource also so that this does not have to be input separately.


Assignments Affect Strategic Planning Demand

causes assignments to be included in the demand figures of the Capacity Graph for this project if checked.


Planning Mode

determines that the project uses the Microsoft Project method that is based on task and dependency planning.

Assignment Period Restriction

Indicate how assignments can be allocated to the task. Choose:

      to apply no restrictions so that any dates can be assigned

      to restrict assignments to any dates between the start and end dates of the task

      to ensure that an assignment takes the full duration of the task so that its start and end dates are the same as those for the task.

Once assignments are allocated to the project, this setting cannot be changed.


Track Actuals

can be set to determine what is to be specified when recording time against the project. This can be:

      No if time is not recorded by task or assignment

      Against Tasks to record time worked by task.

      Against Assignments to record time worked against particular assignments.



Check the Task Required or Assignment Required box, as appropriate, if task or assignment must be specified when recording time against this project. A timesheet will not be saved if one is omitted.


Restrict to Rolling Window of

allows you to restrict the recording of work to within a specific period of the current week. Enter the number of weeks so that time booked outside this period is not recorded.


Record work against

applies for tasks, so that you can choose to record work against all tasks (the default) or only against the ones for those resources assigned for the project.


Record Time against Completed Tasks/

can be unchecked to prevent time being recorded against those tasks or assignments that are complete. If so, only those not 100% complete are available for timesheet input.


Track Percent Complete

applies when tracking time against assignments so that, when time is recorded, the completeness of the assignment can be indicated until it is fully complete. Project Managers can therefore see the completeness of assignments and, once all are complete, set the associated task as complete also.


Auto Complete Task if Assignment is completed

Allow Multiple Plan Versions

only applies if enabled through Planning Settings. If so, a task for this project can be automatically set to 100% complete if all its assignments are complete.

If enabled at the System Level, new Projects will automatically be set to ‘Allow Multiple Plan Versions’.  Projects added from a Template will use the configuration of the Template and the setting for any existing Projects will remain unaffected, however this Project setting can only be unticked if the Plan has one Task Plan version, otherwise it will appear greyed out. Versions can be deleted within the Tasks Gantt > Manage Plan Versions screen.