Forecasts are versions of projects that are set up in order to be able to record budgets and planned demand and expenditure. Each will only have one live version but may have several draft versions with an unapproved status as well as some former live versions. You can also create a baseline version that is a ‘snapshot’ of its content. The aim is to produce different versions of a plan so that you can choose the best one as the live version.

Those forecasts that are marked as private cannot be viewed by others unless their Login Profile allows them to access private forecasts.


      Add to create another forecast

      Recalculate Actuals for a level one forecast only, to recalculate the actual values based on the latest input data.

For a listed forecast, click   then:

      Open to access the forecast. You can only edit unapproved versions but can view the forecast in other cases.

      Clone to create a forecast from a selected one so that you can change it as necessary.

      Approve if the forecast is unapproved, to approve it and convert it to a live status. You can choose to remove all unapproved or approved versions of forecasts.

If approving named resource demand, supply will be automatically generated for resources if specified through Strategic Planning settings and you have maintain supply permission set through your login. Any potential over-allocations are highlighted before you proceed with the approval.

      Unapprove for a live version, to change it to a ‘former live’ status.

      Baseline creates a baseline from the selected version, except when unapproved. This provides a ‘snapshot’ of the values at that time and prevents further changes to or deletion of the version.

      Delete removes the forecast, provided it is not live.