Information is shown over several tabbed forms and you can select each one to access specific aspects for a project. Details are shown for the currently selected project. Change to another using the Project Navigator( ) at the top of the screen or navigate the hierarchy using the   icon to the right of the project name.

On the project header, you can click


o  Open to access the project record

o  Add to favourites for a regularly used view, to add it to the list of favorites for easy selection

o  Clone to base a new project on the current one

o  Add Child to create a child project of the current project (available above level 1)

o  Resource Plan to access the resource plan for the project. The plan that is displayed will depend on the resourcing mode configured for your login group

  prints a project report that you select from a list

      Add to create another record of the selected type

      Export saves the displayed data in Excel format

      Filter to change the search filter so different records are displayed.

Configuring the tab order.

        Users with the Login Profile setting ‘Set system defaultsLogin Profile, General tab (typically system administrators) can set the tab order by selecting the Configure tab order cog on the Projects dashboard, for both ‘level one’ and ‘above level one’ Projects.

The displayed list of tabs will include all those visible to users in your organisation, even if the system administrator controlling the order would not normally have operational access to these functions.  

To rearrange the order of the tabs, simply drag and drop the name to the new position, repeating as necessary, and select the Save button to confirm changes.  The Home tab cannot be moved and will always be shown first.

To To re-arrange the order for Projects above level one, first navigate up the Project hierarchy and repeat the process using the Configure tab order cog.