Once the supply request has been made, based on specified criteria, a project forecast is generated showing the demand requests for each team member, depending on their availability.

If there is no current forecast for the project, either live or unapproved, one is created. Otherwise, the new forecast is based on the current live or unapproved forecast. In this case:

      for resources with matching role and team combinations, supply in the selected open periods is replaced by new requested supply

      where resources do not have matching role and team combinations and for role-based demand, forecast values are unaffected.

The new forecast is generated and displayed automatically. You can therefore view and adjust the data as necessary (and then click:

      Approve if you have the authority to do so. This will make the forecast live and generate demand requests that can be processed at the Requests screen or, if auto-supply is enabled, the supply is generated automatically for each specified resource.

      Save & Close if someone else has to approve the forecast separately.