This option only appears if your Login Group settings have the Resourcing method set to Strategic Planning. Use it to view the effort requested for work on particular projects.

Here you can balance demand against supply and the content varies depending on filter settings. Enter required details and click   or Update Results:


All displayed data is based on a search and you can select saved searches or create and save new ones (refer to Saved Searches).

      change the start date by entering or selecting a date from the calendar, or by clicking << and >> to move backwards or forwards

      set the number of weeks or months to display

      select projects and the roles required for them

      choose individual teams or departments to include

      show supply as hours, days or full time equivalents of days

      indicate if you wish to view requests that have been hidden because they may be considered satisfied even if there is residual demand or over-supply.

Each row shows the outstanding demand (or over-supply) for the resource and project indicated. Demand is based on the project’s live (approved) forecast.

Over-supply is shown red and unmet demand is black. Place your mouse cursor over any figure to see the demand and supply breakdown.

You can therefore look at demand that remains unsatisfied, which needs to be cleared by further allocation, or where supply exceeds demand and allocations need to be reduced. To take action over these situations, click:

      Resource Plan to view resources and the time they have available so you can schedule against projects

  to select:

o  Hide Request if the request is not to be shown because, for example, it is considered satisfied

o  Add/View Posts to process comments and notes.

      Supply Team to bulk supply multiple demand lines for a team to a project. This action is only available if your login profile  permits bulk supply, your login allows you to maintain supply and only one team and level one project are selected at the search filter.

  to edit the project supply.

      the Project code to access project details

*  to view posts and add others for a demand line or   if there are no posts, to add one.


When hovering over the grid and there is existing supply against the request you can further click the grid cell to display the supplied resource(s).  Remedial action can be taken by clicking the resource name to open the supply record.