When assigning resources and roles to tasks, you can undertake an advanced search that has specified criteria based on availability.

After choosing an advanced search, initial results are shown for the task settings. You can, however, change search criteria and search again for different results.


From/To Date

The dates shown initially are the start and end dates for the task. Change them to find resources available at different times. The search will disregard any resources whose join and leave dates indicate that they are not present at any time during the period.

Minimum Availability

If the required effort exceeds the duration of the task, the minimum availability will be set equal to the duration rather than the effort. However, you can set the minimum number of days or hours that the resource must have in the period. These need not be consecutive days or hours but are based on the company standard day length; when resources have a different standard day length, the number of days or hours is adjusted.

Reducing the minimum effort below the task duration will cause only a partial allocation for the resource.


Select roles the resource needs to have. Also determine if resources are to be listed if:

      they have any role or

      their primary role is one of those selected or

      they have all the selected roles.


These can be left blank if no particular criteria are to apply. Otherwise, you can choose to search only for particular resources or only those in particular departments, with certain skills or at specific locations.


Choose required entries for those listed and additionally:

      for a Resource, choose to see only employees or contractors

      for Skills, you can opt to inherit skills from the task, or from a selected project or resource, and can determine if a resource needs to have any of these skills or must have all of them.

The list initially shows matching resources but you can click Update Results after changing criteria to revise the list. Then click Select against a required resource, which will replace a previous resource or role assignment.