Access this view if you are responsible for resource utilization. Data is presented from a resource perspective so you can assign work to resources and make sure they are neither under- nor over-allocated.

Contractors are distinguished by their resource name being shown in a different color, as specified through Planning Settings.

If the resourcing mode for your login group is set to Scheduling, the resource plan will show task assignments. In Strategic Planning mode, it will display resource supply and task assignments for projects set to Assignments Affect Strategic Planning Availability.

You can print or export to Excel, and can place your mouse cursor over   to view the color coding used in the plan. Additionally, if the resource mode is:

      Scheduling, click Add Assignments to create an assignment for a selected project and task

      Strategic Planning, click:

o  Add Supply to edit the project supply

o  Move Supply to bring forward or delay supply by a number of weeks from a specified date, for all or selected resources

o  Team Supply is only available if the ability to request or supply a team is set through Login Profile settings and enables complete teams to be supplied rather than doing this for individual resources. You can then refine the allocations that are made automatically.

Place your mouse cursor over   against an assignment to view information about it.

Time for roles and resources is listed by period. Click:

showhide  to show or hide details for individual roles and resources or click above the column for all: