Choose the appropriate heading to determine the:

    projects the resource can work on

    activities to be undertaken

    cost or charge rates that may be applied

    types of expenses to be booked

    types of actions that can be accessed.

In each case, existing selections are listed.

If the ‘This Resource is available to all …’ entry is checked, the resource can work on all projects, undertake all activities, and so on, and individual ones are not listed. If you uncheck the box and nothing is listed, the resource will only have access to those entries specifically assigned through the appropriate set up routine within Administration processing.

The ability to change the ‘available to all’ setting may be prevented through your login profile. If so, individual selections will apply.


Click the Copy From button to copy settings from a selected resource or Add…. to select appropriate records. These are then listed.

Click the Remove button, after checking one or more entries, to delete them and prevent access by the resource.