A resource is anyone or anything that can perform an activity on a project and in so doing incurs costs and charges for the time worked. A resource is normally a person but could also be some equipment.

Selecting Resources will display a search screen so that you can locate required ones (refer to Searching and Filters .



    Add to create a record

    Create Data Template to add a record with spreadsheet format that can then be used as a basis to create actual resources

    Import Data to import and load resource data from a spreadsheet template file.

Change the details shown for listed resources by right-clicking any column heading and then selecting the columns to include.

For any listed resource, you can click:

    Department, Location or Primary Role to access the relevant records



to make changes to the selected project within the list.


to access the resource record in order to amend it.


to create a resource record from a selected one. You must then enter a resource code and can change other details as necessary.

Code Converter

to change the code of the resource if it is incorrect. All affected records will be updated.


to delete the resource record, after confirmation. You can only do this if you have appropriate permissions and the record is not in use (for example, the resource has no assignments).