Here you will define the default values that are to apply for all users. The displayed Language identifies the default language that applies for your login. This can be overridden for individual users.

Remaining input is to two tabbed forms:

   Screen Labels define the terminology that appears on various screens and reports throughout the system and, where relevant, for menu selections. You will specify the terms used in your organization for the indicated types. For example, you may refer to:

clients as ‘customers’

projects as ‘jobs’

time units as ‘hours’ or ‘days’

VAT as ‘sales tax’

and so on.


Enter, where appropriate, both the singular and plural versions.


Changes to the ‘Charge’ and ‘Cost’ labels will be used except when referring to numbers. In these cases, such as for totals, the standard terminology will be retained since this is more appropriate.

   Status Fields refer to additional information that you may wish to specify for the types of data indicated. This is information that is not recorded as standard by the system but which may be important to your organization. Only those fields used by existing customers are listed.

The details you enter here have no significance to the system but will be displayed and reported and can be used to select data. For example, for Resources you may specify here that one of the fields represents ‘Employment Category’ and then categorize individual resources as full-time, part-time, temporary, contract and so on. When selecting resources for a project you can then limit your selections to the appropriate category.