When you need to find one or more records, a filter is provided so that you can determine what is required. Two different types of form may appear:

      a Search screen, which generally applies when you select a view or access Search at the menu. It enables you to list relevant records and undertake appropriate processing:


      a Select screen, where you will identify records for use at another form:


If you have a version previous to v7.3 the search will appear as follows:

These searches will exist after V7.3. This screen normally appears after clicking a Select or the question mark button seen below. This includes when locating an entry for a search screen. 

Both types use a filter to determine how the search is to be processed. There will initially be a default filter but you can, if permitted through your Login Profile, create as many as you require to find the data you want. Thus, you may:

      have general filters that list all clients, contacts for all clients, and so on:

      want to see a client’s contacts:

      wish to produce a ‘to do’ list of actions that need to be carried out before a given date:

      look at records containing particular text.

You can therefore choose:

      an available filter from the drop-down list and undertake a search

      Edit Filter to change the settings for the filter that is currently selected

      Delete Filter to clear the current filter if it is no longer needed; you must confirm this action

      New Filter to add a filter.

Refer to Adding and Amending Filters for details.

Some filters may have default entries that are pre-filled and will cause matching data to be found by the search. You can change this entry before searching.