For some views, you can select only a single date (which may be the start of a fixed period) while for others you can specify a start and end date so that the period is any length you want. In all cases a default date or dates appear initially (generally the current day or week), which you can change.

To alter an individual date:

      click on it to display a calendar:


The current month is shown with the selected date highlighted.

Press  or   to go forward or backwards one month at a time or choose a month and year from the drop-down lists. When the correct month is shown, click on the required date to select it.

      use the << and >> buttons to move the dates backwards and forwards. The length of time you move may be indicated and, if so, you can change this by selecting from the drop-down list.

In the case of a ‘Period’, this depends on the date range currently selected. Thus, if you are using a two-month period, then the dates are moved backwards and forwards by this length of time.

Since the Timesheet Entry view covers only a seven-day period, a ‘Period’ here cannot be altered from one week.