Maximum Number of Forecasts per Project

sets limits on the number of unapproved, approved and baseline versions that are allowed for each level of the project. If the maximum number is reached, further versions cannot be created until others are deleted. This prevents an excessive number of versions being created.

Number of Approved Forecasts to Retain

indicates the number of approved forecasts to be retained when clearing old versions after approving a forecast version. The latest approved versions are retained up to this limit while older ones are cleared.

Automatically Delete Forecasts

is checked if, when a forecast is approved, all unapproved and former live versions are to be cleared. If so, approved versions in excess of the number to be retained are also cleared.



Restrict Role by Department

determines if roles selected for demand must be present for resources that are members of the chosen department.

Forecast Locking

either causes forecasts to be locked automatically the specified number of days after the end of a month or you can choose that the earliest month to be open is indicated manually and all months prior to that are locked. Once a month is locked, no further input is permitted and so you need to ensure that everything is complete.

Forecast Copy Prefix

is the text to be used as a prefix to the description of a forecast created from another one.

Forecast States

lists the different states that can be applied for a forecast. You can change each entry, click to delete one that is no longer needed and click Add to create another one and add it to the list. For each state, enter of select:


§  Name to describe the state

§  Default to indicate the state that is normally to apply for a new forecast. If you set a state as the default, any others will be unset.

§  Allow Multiple is checked for those states where more than one can be applied to a forecast at the same time.

§  Active must be checked to make the state available for use.