is unchecked if no forecasts are to be used within Strategic Planning so that everything is input to a single version of each project. If checked, you can set up various forecasts for each project. In this case, determine whether allocated budget, demand, expenditure or benefit values are to be input to a forecast.

§  If budgets are to be shown, you can choose to switch off budgets at level 1. In this case, budgeting will be at a higher rather than a detailed level. You can also select to calculate budgets automatically from demand and expenditure values rather than input them.

§  When demand is to be shown, indicate if cost rates for demand can be manually edited for a forecast and if specific resources can be demanded for a forecast rather than simply choosing a role. This latter feature cannot be disabled if any forecasts already have demand for named resources.


§  Indicate if charge rates are enabled on a demand forecast


§  Determine if demand status can be set as provisional or confirmed for a forecast. If not, there will be no distinction made.


§  Choose if supply is to be automatically generated for any named resource demand when approving the forecast.


§  Determine if requests can be hidden to all users if, for example, they are considered satisfied even though there remains outstanding demand or over-supply. Such requests will become visible again on new versions of forecasts and users can also choose to see hidden requests.


§  Indicate if forecasting is to be for the full financial year rather than a shorter period (months or weeks). This is not possible if demand of resources is enabled.