After choosing to add a claim, processing depends on settings made by your System Administrator.

If an expense category is to be specified when creating a claim, the expense category filter is shown:


Change filter settings to list only expenses with a matching category.



For multi-currency operations, the resource you are processing must have a payment currency specified for expenses to be listed here. All expense amounts are converted to this currency.


The screen will list the available expense entries that are not included in claims. You can change the expenses that are listed by:

      selecting a different resource to list expenses for that resource

      choosing different dates to see expenses within the date range

      clicking the Filter tab to select only expenses that have matching details:

By default, all listed expenses are set for inclusion. Set the individual check boxes off for those expenses that are not required or uncheck the box at the head of the list to deselect all (specific ones can then be reselected). You can also click   to change an expense record and enter any relevant notes. Then choose Save. You can view the expense claim report and then details of the claim are displayed.