This information below applies if the new style Gantt experience has not been enabled.

This tab only appears for the lowest project levels where tasks can be specified and resources assigned to them. At higher levels, such as groups of projects, a Timeline tab appears instead.


Access this tab to view from the start date all tasks for a selected project plan. Each plan may have different versions and you can maintain task details and edit associated assignments.

Only user-created tasks appear, not those that are system-generated for direct scheduling. All tasks and sub-tasks for the selected project are listed. A sub-task is simply a task that is indented within a higher-level task to create a dependency structure.

Data is shown as a number of fields for each task. You can change the project by adding tasks, entering details directly to rows and by dragging rows to reposition them.

Click a column heading to select the columns to appear for the tasks. These may include custom fields that have a data type of Boolean, date, short text, text, long text, float, integer, keyword or number list.

If viewing projects above level 1, a summary line appears for each child project.


At this tab, you will see a traditional view using a Microsoft Project Gantt-based type of planning

A listed task may show:

  if it is complete

  to indicate a constraint exists (such as a latest allowed finish date).

  if it has attachments.