The screen defaults to the current week for your default resource. Change these settings by clicking:

    the resource name to select a different resource. Refer to Selecting a Resource for information about choosing the resource.

    Dates to display a different week by selecting a date. Whatever date you choose, the week containing that date appears. Refer to Setting Dates.

You can also click:

  to create a new row so you can enter timesheet details.

  to cancel any unsaved entries.

  to import JIRA Work Logs.

  imports the resource’s planned work. This will automatically load all the resource’s task-based assignments for the selected week so that time can be booked against them. Timesheet hours will be automatically created from the assignments up to and including the current date.

  to add another project for which this resource can record time. Select from the displayed list or enter characters to the search box to restrict the list. The selected project will be added to the project restrictions.

  if permitted through Time & Expense Settings, to submit each week’s timesheet for approval once it is completed. This then has a ‘Submitted’ status and can no longer be edited although you can add more time.

Depending on Time & Expense Settings, you may be prevented from submitting timesheets that do not have at least the expected hours set through your Working Time. In this case, an error message appears and you will need to enter additional hours before submitting.

All timesheets require approval. If they are rejected there, they will be available again here for edit and resubmission.

  to save your entries, including lines with no time entered.

    Hide/Show Weekend depending on whether you need to enter against Saturday and Sunday dates.