The task grid lists tasks for the selected plan version, possibly organized into a structure of summary and child tasks. For any task, click

  and then drag up and down the rows to the required position, then release. To revert to the original sequence, select * and then Reset Configuration.

*  to select a row. You can select several or all rows in order to delete the tasks.

Each task has an identifying number and a separate Outline number that denotes its position within the project hierarchy. This is altered automatically if you move a row and then save your changes.

You can change the content of most listed fields by clicking on a particular one and then entering or selecting revised data. To change other entries, double-clicking a task opens the Task Edit view so you can update details, providing the plan is checked out.

Right-click on the task grid to access a menu of relevant actions. Certain actions can be performed against multiple tasks, in which case you will need to pre-select them using the circular checkbox. Some of these actions can also be accessed from the toolbar and all are described earlier.