A working time entry denotes a particular area and may be used to identify different countries or regions that have particular working practices. You can also use a working time to identify part-time workers and so define when they work.

Each working time will have a calendar defining the working days  and non-working days, thereby ensuring more accurate planning by allowing for local holidays and other non-working days.

You will specify a working time for projects and resources. This ensures that available time is correctly matched to requirements.

The view starts with a search screen so that you can locate required working times:



   Add to create a record (described next).

   Copy Calendar Overrides allows calendar overrides from one working time to another. You can, for example, create a calendar with all public holidays set and then use this as the basis for another calendar without having to re-enter all the holidays:


Source Working Time identifies the working time from which the overrides are to be obtained

select Merge if settings in the destination file are to be left unchanged if there is no corresponding source entry, otherwise Replace if the source field is to be used completely so all destination entries are omitted

Period sets the dates for which entries are to be copied

Destination Working Times identifies one or more calendars to which to copy. Click Add to select calendars or Remove to delete from the list. Click Copy to output the settings to the destination calendars.

Click    to change the fields shown or, for any of those records listed, you can click   then:


to access the record in order to amend it (see next).



to create a record that is similar to an existing one. This creates a copy of the original so that you need only enter a code and description, and then change other details where necessary.



to delete the record, after confirmation.


Convert Code

to change the working time code if it is incorrect. All affected records will be updated.

When adding or amending a working time, information is entered over tabbed forms.