As a leader in Agile Portfolio Management, KeyedIn offers SaaS solutions that support the evolving needs of PMOs, ePMOs and SROs, enabling business transformation, strategy realization and organizational change.

Our PPM product offering consists of the following editions, which distinguishes collaborative work management (typically task based execution) from strategic portfolio management, which is more focused on the planning and prioritization of project investments.


  1. KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios (KAP) – Strategic Portfolio Analysis for Investment-level decision making.
  2. KeyedIn Projects (KIP) – Adaptive Project Management for Project delivery and execution. 
  3. KeyedIn Enterprise (KIE)– the combined suite of top-down portfolio decision making with bottom-up project execution, offering full functionality.  

 The following schematic provides a breakdown of the features available to each edition:



The Help system covers all functions available in the KeyedIn Enterprise edition.


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