Use this option to build powerful custom dashboards to present key information and metrics to the rest of your business. You can use a suite of supplied report widgets or create your own using the Report Writer menu option.

An IFrame widget type is also available, allowing the embedding of external web sites within a KeyedIn dashboard, for example, to show output generated in a Business Information tool.

To add a dashboard, click on the main navigation and select Dashboard. This is only available if you have the Ability to create Dashboards set against your login profile.

Enter the name of the new dashboard and click Save to create it.


You will then see an empty dashboard to configure:


To begin, click    to open the configuration menu and select a report widget you want to see.

Click    to switch the current view into configuration mode.

Select   to add a widget. The following types are available:

o  Chart Reports

o  Data Reports

o    IFrame Widget (if enabled in General Settingsa Reports

These are reports that are defined with a Usage Type of Widget and have been made available to Dashboards (refer to the definition and Availability tabs within the Reports Guide) and your Login Group. 

Arrange widgets on the screen using drag and drop.

When you’ve finished configuring your dashboard, you can publish it to different login groups and users by selecting the Publish This Dashboard option. The Ability to publish Dashboards must be set against your login profile to do this.


Select the Login Groups and Logins to which you want to publish the dashboard.

Reset Individual Layouts to apply to the dashboard being published any layout changes made by users against the previously published dashboard.

On the Dashboard configuration menu, click:

  Remove All Widgets to delete the widgets from the dashboard

  Delete to delete the dashboard.