KeyedIn Enterprise (formerly KeyedIn Projects) USA Data Centre Migration Update


The planned migration of our USA KeyedIn Enterprise services (domains ending in to Amazon Web Services (AWS) will take place on Saturday 15th May 2021.  The migrated service will be provided from AWS data centres within the USA.  It is anticipated that the KeyedIn Enterprise services hosted from the USA (including web portals, APIs, mobile services and scheduled services) will be unavailable for the whole of the 15th of May starting at 00:00 EDT, with normal service resuming on Sunday 16th May.  

The migration will affect the following domains:


The ‘*’ prefix denotes the use of subdomains eg., etc.


As part of this migration the public IP addresses of the services will be changing.  If your organisation has configured an SPF record for the USA KeyedIn Enterprise service, implements IP whitelisting or operates a network with traffic prioritisation based upon IP addresses then these will require adjusting to reflect the new service.   


New Email Server

Following the migration, the USA service will send notification emails from a new IP address  (previously It may be necessary to add this new IP address to your email server’s safe senders configuration.


SPF Record adjustments
Where a client has configured their domain’s SPF record to reference our public SNAT ( this will need to be changed to our new public SNAT ( To reduce the risk of interruption to email delivery we suggest that our old and new SNAT addresses are configured in client SPF records until after the migration.
SPF records are only required if emails are sent from the KeyedIn Projects application using an email address from your corporate domain (eg Emails may fail to reach the intended recipients without the appropriate SPF record in place.


Public IP Address Changes

The following table lists the current and new IP addresses which will come into effect on the day of the migration.  If client side IP traffic prioritisation or white listing (not the KI Enterprise white listing) is in place and is based upon IP address rather than URL then it will be necessary to include our new public IP addresses. 


Current IP Address                         New IP Address                                                         (Changed on 9th May)                                   (Changed on 9th May)                                                                                      



Please note that our UK and Australia services will be unaffected at this time.


If you have any questions please contact your account manager or submit a support ticket.


Best Regards

KeyedIn Solutions Infrastructure Team