Single sign-on (SSO) SSL Certificate expires 8th November 2021 - UK services only affected -
This notice is for the attention of KeyedIn Enterprise Administrators only.  Please note the current SSL certificate used for Single sign-on (SSO) expires on 8th November 2021. In order that end users do not experience disruption to the service when using SSO functionality a new certificate has been made available within the KIE portal. This can be found within the SSO settings page and will need to be downloaded and installed into your Identity Provider (IdP) before the 8th November 2021.  Some SSO configurations will use an Identity Provider (IdP) that does not require any changes as the IdP does not make use of the KeyedIn Enterprise certificate.  Azure AD and Okta are examples of IdPs which do not require any changes to be applied.  For other IdPs please coordinate the change with your internal IT Team in order that the KIE application is updated to use the new certificate for SSO at the same time for use with your Identity Provider. Please note, this only affects users of the services we provide from the UK for example, access via the URL and only if you are configured to use Single sign-on.
Kind Regards
KeyedIn Support Team