You only need to make settings here if you use the Strategic Planning module.



Edit Forecasts

indicates if users can maintain forecast data for demand, expenditure and budget values. If entry is permitted, determine if forecasts can be created without data and if they can be marked as private to prevent access by others.

Access all Private Forecasts

is checked if users can access all forecasts that are marked as private. If unchecked, access is only permitted to users’ own forecasts and those not set as private.

Show Effort Costs

will, if checked, apply the cost rate against the set days of effort.

Show Effort Charges

Edit Locked Months

allows the alteration of values for past months that are locked to prevent editing in normal circumstances.

Benefits Access

specifies if users can view or change the benefits set for forecasts in relation to those projects they can access through their login permissions.

Maintain Benefit Actuals

is checked to enable the actual unit or financial benefits arising from a forecast to be recorded and compared to expected benefits.


Enable Portfolio Kanbanthe project kanban is enabled so that projects are displayed as cards that are organized depending on their workflow status. This feature is only available if project workflows are enabled and must be activated through General Settings.
Take Project Snapshotssnapshots of projects (refer to the Search Guide) can be taken to record their state at a specific time for comparison of changes over time


determines whether users can access scenarios and, if so, if this is restricted to the users’ own scenarios or those created by others. Also, when access is granted to own scenarios only, users may view those scenarios shared by others but cannot edit them.

When access is permitted, indicate if the user can create baseline versions as read-only comparisons and if draft versions can be approved.


Edit Deliverablesa project’s deliverables, which have no recorded work content but simply indicate when something is to be delivered, can be amended
Edit Deliverable Templatesprofiles on which deliverable records are based can be edited or imported
Delete Mandatory Deliverablesmandatory deliverables and those that have been confirmed can be deleted
Import Deliverable Templates
allows the user to import deliverable templates
Delete Confirmed Deliverablesdeliverables that have been confirmed can be deleted
Restore Complete/Dropped Deliverables
those deliverables that have been completed or dropped can be restored for further processing
Baseline Deliverablesdeliverables can be re-baselined to create a snapshot at that time
Publish Deliverables to Level:deliverables can only be published up to a stated level
Default Publish Level (Level 1 Projects):a specified default publishing level is to be used for the lowest level project.


View Supply

determines if assigned supply is to be shown against the specified demand.

Auto Generate Supplysupply is to be automatically generated against stated demand
Request Team / Supply Team
whole teams or departments can be requested or supplied. The former generally applies when a Project Manager generates demand forecasts that are then fulfilled by a Resource Manager. The latter allows a team leader or other authorized person to immediately supply team members to a project. Both selections permit an agile team to be processed as a unit rather than allocating resources individually.
Bulk Supply Resource Requestsmultiple demand lines can be bulk supplied for a team to a project.