Client Group Access:

determines the level of processing allowed for client group records, which are used to categorize clients.

Account Features:

Access Client Account Information

indicates if users can see account information for clients.

Edit Claimed Expenses

is checked for users, such as accountants, who have the ability to edit expense entries after a claim has been submitted. Once a claim has been paid, no alteration is permitted to the expenses although you may allow changes to the charges included there.

Edit Charges on Paid Expenses

applies only if claimed expenses can be edited, to allow chargeable amounts to be altered also on those expenses that have been paid to claimants.

Create and View / Delete Locks

refers to the ability to lock batches of timesheet and expense entries once they are approved. Users with these abilities can create locks to prevent modification of entries and can delete locks to allow access again.

Use Timesheet & Expense View Permissions

applies if the ability to create and view locks is set. If so, checking the box will mean that only timesheets and expenses that the user can view are included in any lock that is set.

CRM Features:

Edit Read only Actions
may allow users with this login profile to amend actions that are normally only viewable.
Restore Finished Processes
enables users to restore a finished process to a live status so it can continue to be processed.
Controlled Notes Access
indicates if these notes, which record contacts and are flagged as controlled, can be seen and altered.
refers to the billing contracts set up for projects from which invoices are created to charge the client. Indicate if no access is permitted, if users can only view and print details or if maintenance and deletion of draft or approved contracts is allowed.
Approve against Contract Line

is checked if timesheets and expenses can be allocated against contract lines at the time they are approved. This gives project managers and others the ability to indicate what they should be billed against, although reallocation is possible before producing the invoice.

If unchecked, time and expenses can only be allocated at the time of creating the invoice.

indicates the extent of access for invoice data. If you never undertake work that is charged to clients, the entry is not relevant. Otherwise, indicate if users can access invoices at all, can only view and print information or can maintain and delete an invoice with any status and additionally authorize those that have draft status.
Deauthorise Invoicesuser can deauthorise invoices that have previously been authorised.