Updated 25th July 2022

To coincide with the release of KeyedIn Enterprise v7.5 in July we are delighted to announce that we will be officially moving our service from the KeyedInProjects domains to KeyedInEnterprise and dropping the v6 subdomain.  

This change will only affect the web portal. URLs to existing APIs and Mobile services will remain unchanged avoiding any need to re-engineer any integrations.

The web portal URLs will change as follows

Current URL








For most users there will be little change, both web portal domains are currently available in each region, and the current URLs will continue to be available until November 2022.  With the release of KeyedIn Enterprise v7.5 in July we will encourage our users to update their web browser bookmarks to use the new domain name.  

*Update* When the new mobile app is available the 'Email Log In URL' attribute on the Notifications Settings page will be automatically changed to reflect the new KeyedIn Enterprise domain. This automatic change will only take place if the current value is the system’s default URL, non-default values will require modification by the client’s administrator.  This attribute is often changed when Single Sign On is being used.

Clients using Single Sign-On (SSO) will need to adjust their Identity Provider’s (IdP) configuration to use the new URLs. Over the coming weeks we will contact our SSO clients with details of the required configuration changes, see attached document.  Please note that SSO Clients using the Mobile Application should wait until the new version of the Mobile Application is available which is scheduled for release in August.  A notice will be published to both the service’s log on announcements and the Support Portal when this is available.

To complete the adoption of the new domains, in August the email address used to send notifications and reports from the service will change to reflect the new domain names.

The following table contains the new email addresses.  It may be necessary to adjust your safe senders list.  An announcement will be added to the log on page closer to the time of the change.

Service Region

Email address







Should you have any questions regarding these changes please raise a support ticket.

Best regards

KeyedIn Infrastructure Team